Energy House

Travelling Bubbler


Saturn Bubbler



An energy House

An Energy House









Travelling Bubbler

A Travelling Bubbler





A Fractaliser

A Fractaliser








Saturn Bubbler

A Saturn Bubbler

Products for your home and workplace

The state of your mind and heart are profoundly affected by the ‘energetic’ environment you are living and working in. These Hermes Far Eastern Shining energy tools support you and your world to be in harmony and balance.

Energy House


The Energy House holds the alchymeic intention to create an extensive sanctuary wherever it is placed.

Sanctuary is a place that evokes an exquisite moment and allows the possibility of peace and tranquility to be found. It is that place where we can breathe again, where the space can be created once more to fall into the Heart.

Take a breath

Sit beside it

Feel an easing in

the Heart Centre

Feel again

be restored

The Energy House is simply placed in your home or work environment. It creates an alchymeic sanctuary field, manifesting mysterious positive effects.

Travelling Bubbler


The Travelling Bubbler is designed to clear the psychic field of the town or city in which it is placed. This exceedingly powerful tool is intended to create space for real intelligence, heartfelt communication and a psychically clear environment.

“When the Travelling Bubbler was placed in the town, it seemed to reveal and intensify the psychic field stress and then dissipate it and move it out. It created a purified space for more light, or higher vibrational energy to enter.”

Julie, Colorado USA

The Fractaliser


The alchymeic design of the Fractaliser is to intensify the process of awakening to consciousness, or the evolution of higher mind.

In true spiritual awakening the mind dissolves, allowing us to return to our heart, where the body and the mind are alive as a feeling dimension. The Fractaliser is intended to transform the usual, cramped, thinking processes that have for lifetimes overwhelmed heart feeling, thus allowing space to feel and connect to the divine.

The dimensions of the Fractaliser are specifically related to The Great Pyramid. Inside the capstone rests a diamond representing the divine state, or consciousness itself. Connecting the capstone to the base is the energy of Fractal Earth Healer. This energy is coloured blue at the top and black at the bottom and holds the alchymeic intention of drawing and grounding The Fractaliser energy into the world.

Saturn Bubbler

Restoring the Earth’s balance

The Saturn Bubbler is a form of sacred geometry, created and empowered with the alchymeic intention of purifying the accumulated karmic density absorbed by the Earth over thousands of years. It allows the consciousness of humanity to a higher level of awareness and evolution.

The Saturn Bubbler acts as an energetic force grounding the blessing current of the divine that restores the delicate balance of the earth’s energy field.

There are Saturn Bubblers all over the world and they have been seen as golden threads of light, like sutures, stitching the fabric of the earth plane together. The Saturn Bubblers around the world work together as a unity – a network of light that holds and supports the planet.

The Saturn Bubblers have been described as “blessed art”. Hand-blown, liquid-filled glass spheres rest on highly polished clear tubes over a revolving base. Each glass sphere holds specific energies which combine to radiate a blessing force across the country or a state in which the Bubbler is placed.

Each country or state has its own karma – a history that has shaped the nature of the place. In response to this, additional energies are added making each Bubbler unique. They also include energies to bless and restore the plants, animals and subtle energy fields of the earth.