Hermes Far Eastern Shining offers a collection of individually hand-crafted pieces of jewellery. Each holds a specific alchymeic intention just as the Discs and Wands.

The pendants are able to be worn at all times, quietly emanating their individual energies to support the transformative process in an uplifting way.

To further receive the alchymeic empowerment of the pendant you can drink the energy by tapping the pendant to a glass of water.

Here is a selection of some of the pendants we have available:







Intended for the transmutation of negativity.

To shoot through the Life

Like an arrow through an apple,

Clearing negativity

An invitation

A higher functional dimension,

Surrounded by a golden circle

With many colours flashing





Maha Pendant

Angel of Light Adaptation

This Angel is to help us move beyond the karma of darkness and into the Light.

Adapting to the Era of Light

An Angel extends

A helping hand

Angel of Light pendant

Primary Heart

To open the Heart Chakra and allow greater feeling and heart awakening.

Male Pendant: pyramid with amethyst

Female Pendant: clover with amethyst

A Heart set free

Unbound from heavy weighting

Space to feel


And Love

Perfected Heart current



The way it should be

Primary Heart Pendant



The Sword of Truth

With legend and romance bristling

Cuts dramatic renditions

At their source

He who is true of Heart

May pull the Sword from the stone

Armoured with light

And intuitive knowing

Walking the passage

Fearing nothing

No dramas arising

No dramas arising


*yellow and white gold blade

Excalibur Pendant


Dolphins Under Orion

Intended to invite the head to fall into the feeling heart
Awakening us to feeling uplifted and restored to Humour.

Responsible for energy and feeling
Dolphins are playful and full of humour
The head falling into the feeling Heart
Returning the Infinite Current of Bliss

The Dolphins Under Orion Pendant


Intended to help us keep our focus and not become distracted by things that don’t serve our awakening as consciousness.

Focus on the straight and narrow
Pulled neither left nor right
Keep to the high road
And reach the Highest Destination


*available in pink or clear, and yellow or white gold

the Talisman Pendant

Emerald Tablet

Remember that which this world has forgotten. The Mystery.

“So I, Thrice great Hermes,
the first of all men to attain all knowledge,
have inscribed the secrets of the Gods,
in sacred symbols and hieroglyphs,
on these stone tablets,
which I have concealed for a future world,
that may seek our sacred wisdom...”
Remembering that
Which this world has forgotten.
The Mystery alive


*yellow and white gold with emeralds

The Emerald Tablet Pendant


Weapon Shop

To help strengthen us to stand as the Heart, at this time when the struggle
of light and dark appears to be escalating.

Strength and equanimity in the
Unholy war of aggression being
Waged against all
who love peace and God
Hold fast in the Mystery
Held fast in Love


*available as pendant or bracelet
*silver bracelet with yellow gold centre piece
*optional leather band available

The Weapon Shop



An energy to help awaken our capacity to conduct and ground the ‘Life-Current’.

Drawing the light down
Most intensely
Cleopatra’s needle
The obelisk
Holds the Divine Current
Through to the ground


*available in either yellow or white gold, with diamond

The Oblisk

Cat’s Eye Nebula

To dissolve layers of shadow energy and expand intuition.

Knowing again our right
To see, hear and sense
beyond present convention
To be protected from prying eyes
Removing layers of shadowy soul grime


*carnelion with diamond

The Cat's Eye Nebula