Choose a theme or an area of life you wish to enliven or transform and find a collection to suit.

Collections consist of selected Wands and Discs and a small booklet containing descriptions of the energies and suggestions for their use. They are designed as portals of remembrance and awakening.






The Touching Light Collection

An introduction to Hermes Far Eastern Shining

This Collection is an introduction to the strength and power of the energies of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. It is an invitation to move with greater awareness.

Included discs

RR Divine Star

Included wands

RR Touching Light

Touching Light Collection

The Psychic Clearing Collection

Clearing the Energetic Space for you

Energetically, we are continuously affected by our environment and people around us. This Collection is intended to help you to clear the psychic pressure we face every day and to help you find the space to feel free wherever you are. This collection is key for energetic clearing and a basic spiritual practice.

The Psychic Clearing Collection includes:

Included discs

RR Don’t Fence Me In
RR Lifestream
RR Big Black Hole Soak

Included wands

RR Invasion Wizard
RR Miranda Ray
RR Absolute Zero Ray

Psychic Clearing Collection

The Relationship Collection

Love and Relationships

In truth there is only energy. There is no separation. We are constantly in relationship with all beings, at all times. Real relationship requires that we engage all others from the disposition of love, serving and inspiring one another’s awakening to consciousness.

Included discs

RR Don’t Sour The Honey

RR Mills And Boon

RR You Don’t Love Me

Included wands

RR Polarisation


The Relationship collection

The Transformation Collection


The Energy Tools within the Transformation Collection have been created to heighten our intuitive awakening and the penetration of Real Consciousness.

Included discs

RR Eyeless In Gaza

RR Standing Upright At Last

RR Take Heed: Submission to Grace Is The Only Way

Included wands

RR Alchymie

RR The Angel Melchizedek

RR Real Observation



Transformation Collection


The tendency for men is to be analytically ‘minded’ and to ignore the feeling dimension of existence. The intention of this Collection is to support men in their awakening to true manliness and through the
evolutionary passage that is required to discover the conscious relationship to others and the world.


Included discs

RR Blue Mango

RR Blue Beloved

RR High Kingdom

RR Lion Mantra Roar

RR Eiffel Tower

RR Batman In Paris

Included wands

RR Mars



Mars Collection


Releasing the karma that women have endured throughout the ages. Allowing the possibility for women to be resurrected to the fullness and beauty that is the true essence of the female ‘awakened’ to Consciousness.


Included discs

RR Red Lucy

RR Pink Beloved

RR Snow Virgin

RR Sweet Surrender

RR Statue of Liberty

RR Coming of Eve

Included wands

RR Venus



Venus Collection


The Meditation Collection is to inspire us to the highest practice of meditation so that we may intuit and feel a greater connection and communion with the Divine.

Included discs

RR In The Tiny Chamber of the Heart

RR The Last Drop Flowers

RR Mahamudra Spider Elixir

Included wands

RR Om RR Maha Mantra

RR Ring Around Reflection



Meditation collection


These Energy Tools are intended to enhance the vibratory current of each chakra, to assist in the process of transformation and help us discover possibilities beyond the limitations and karma that otherwise block our creative capacity.

Included discs

RR Colour Me Clear

Included wands

RR Lotus Pond

RR Spectrum Wizard

And Seven Chakra Wands

Chakras collection