Energy House

Energy House

Using the Energy House

The Energy House is simply placed in your home or work environment upon being installed. It is alchymeically empowered with the intention to radiate a field of blessing energy and does not require any further activation. It is aligned to the cardinal points: North, South, East and West.

The Energy House can also be used to invite a ‘blessing current’ to lift the ‘energetic quality’ of food and beverages. Simply hold the food or a glass of water over the apex of the House to receive the energetic qualities of its Alchymeic Intention.

The House can be used in the home, or the workplace, or as a portable ‘travelling house’. Other objects such as mail, bags, books etc can also be held over the house. To feel the clearing energy of the House simply take a moment and... Breathe it!

The Energy House comes with two sets of vials: Peace On Earth and Feng Shui. Additional vials can be purchased to add a further intensity and transformative quality depending on your individual circumstance.