empowered discs

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The Discs can be used be placing a glass of water on them. This empowers the water with the alchymeic energy and vibration imbued in the Disc - it is that simple!

The Discs are designed to free up the flow of life-current within our being and to allowing an awakening to greater and renewed responses to life and to each other.

Some can be experienced simply as heart current – love. The energies are designed to work regardless of how they may be felt or interpreted by the senses. Some people can feel them immediately - they are the lucky ones, however this is certainly not essential to being able to receive the energies.

Many others are aware of different sensations and feelings as they start to use them. There are even many people who cannot actually feel anything tangible, but what they recognise is that they feel different after allowing themselves to receive the energies - they feel happier and uplifted! Over time, they usually become more sensitive to the energies and begin to feel them in a more tangible way. Engaging the energies is a practice of learning of how to ‘let go’ and how to ‘receive’.

I travel around the world frequently for work and it is made so much easier with my collection of discs. Even in the most chaotic circumstance I am able to feel lifted beyond it all! The energies are an enormous support for me.

L Gernon, UK