The need for real change

We live at a crossroad in time  where many are coming to know their heart's desire  is for truth and enlightenment. Yet the present density of this world makes this seem overwhelmingly difficult. The energy tools of  Hermes Far Eastern Shining are intended to help you awaken to such a Remembrance.


Hermes Far Eastern Shining is founded on the understanding that everything is energy, that everything is interconnected. Therefore, every individual’s actions effect, and are affected by, the whole of humanity.  Accordingly, the transformation of each one, affects the whole.

Real change

In order to bring about real change, there needs to be a significant shift in people’s attitudes and the overall disposition of humanity. The very core of each human being needs to evolve and awaken to a new way of living. A conversion needs to occur - a shift from a self-focussed life, to a life that takes into account all other beings. This conversion is the process of alchemy.  The energy tools of Hermes Far Eastern Shining are an invitation to remember, to live so that all our actions may stem from love itself. This is not about transcendence to some other place, but rather living, breathing and awakening whole-bodily, to the Divine Current, or presence of love itself.

Conscious responsibility

The Energy Tools of Hermes Far Eastern Shining have been created to provide an opportunity for change and a new way of living. The energy tools have been empowered through alchemy and hold a vibratory current of alchymeic intention. This force of Divine Light and Consciousness, is a direct energetic communication that can be felt and intuitively known. The energy tools are designed to support an awakening at the heart for people who are intuiting the need for growth and transformation.

Awakening of the Heart

An awakening of the Heart can be expressed in many different ways; such as our ability to remain happy despite the pressures and stresses of life, a greater compassion for others, the impulse to be positive, a more conscious relationship to the environment and a greater insight and understanding of life itself.

The environment – inside and out

Right now, the earth calls for our attention. Purifying and restoring the energetic field of the earth plane is part of the intention of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. Just as we seek to harmonise our inner life, we seek to contribute to the harmony of the outer environment – physically, emotionally and spiritually.