About Hermes Far Eastern Shining

Hermes Far Eastern Shining believes that it is important for people to understand what it is that we offer.

Firstly, we make no medical or psychological treatment claims whatsoever. Our products are intended to be used as a support to your personal growth and transformation.

Second, what we offer has no scientific backing, evidence or support. It is a wholly esoteric matter, completely outside of conventional scientific understanding. Hermes Far Eastern Shining does not claim and will not claim that conventional worldviews provide any support for our work. This matter is between you and That Which Is Greater.

Choosing which of our products you will use is a matter for your heart response and intuition. When you choose to work with our products, the results that you may experience are a mystery and a wonder. People report many things to us – some truly inspiring things - but we want you to be clear that we are not interested in persuading anyone. If you are looking for TV ad promises or “scientific verifications”, we would respectfully invite you to look elsewhere.

Hermes Far Eastern Shining believes in and stands behind the products we offer. We believe that they are a true and benign blessing. We sincerely hope that you will consider your purchases in the spirit they are offered: A pure and simple invitation to know Happiness and Freedom in the esoteric Truth of All.

God Bless.


Throughout time, across all cultures and religions, people have searched to understand the truth of human existence. The spiritual practice and energy tools of Hermes Far Eastern Shining are based on the philosophy of alchymie.

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The need for Real Change

We live at a crossroad in time  where many are coming to know their heart's desire  is for truth and enlightenment. Yet the present density of this world makes this seem overwhelmingly difficult. The energy tools of  Hermes Far Eastern Shining are intended to help you awaken to such a Remembrance.

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